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Hooray Collective: The Olive Branch

Hooray Collective: The Olive Branch

On the 30th of every month, I post on the awesome collaborative blog Hooray Collective. Here’s what I wrote for this month.

I offered him an olive branch but he wanted the tree.

It wasn’t enough, you see. It wasn’t enough that I gave him the branch as a peace offering, a token of goodwill. He wanted that and more.

I offered him an olive branch but he wanted the olive.

A peace offering indicated…

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My Travel Wishlist

I have a world map on one of my apartment walls that I often find myself looking at while lost in thought. That map was one of the many things my mom gave me when I moved out of home. She knew I loved that map; in fact, I had pinned it on top of a bulletin board and stuck pins in the map to mark all the places my family had been. I had color-coded the pins for each member of my family and…

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This post is part of my The Alphabet Series project.

I write this from my bed, still in recovery mode from my birthday the day before. (Context: it’s 6:30 p.m. Oops.) My head is no longer pounding and I’ve snuck out of my apartment for food (nothing beats pho on days like these). But still, I’m enjoying my lazy day. I’ve been going non-stop all summer, even all year, and sometimes it’s nice to…

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It’s Time to See the World

It’s Time to See the World


“How long are you here for?” he asked.

“10 days, total,” I replied. “Seven in Chile, three in Buenos Aires.”

His eyebrows raised. “You live in DC, you said?”

I nodded.

“That’s a very long way to come for not a very long time,” he observed.

Of course, my 10 days in Santiago and Buenos Aires were paltry compared to his six months roaming the South American continent. And from his home in British…

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Making Chinese Dumplings

I’m on the road for work and have found myself lost in a good book rather than trying to keep up with things online while I’m traveling. I’m fighting a losing battle with keeping up with everything online; I figure that I’ll spend a solid day or two catching up when I get back home and I’ll be good to go. In the meantime, I just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver’s THE POISONWOOD BIBLE(oh my…

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This post is part of my The Alphabet Series project.

“Be good, but not too good.”

That bit of advice I received a while ago has stuck with me ever since.

It struck me as odd, at first. Be good? But not too good? What was that supposed to mean?

But soon, it became all too clear for me what the well-intentioned meaning behind that particular bit of advice was. In a group of mediocre, average…

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A Day in the Life: August 2014

A Day in the Life: August 2014

On a designated day each month, I post a linkup where bloggers can showcase what “a day in the life” that month is like with photos, text or a combination of the two. For more information about this project, click here.

a day in the life

Something a little different this month… A VIDEO! I was thinking of doing a video for August for a while anyway, and then it coincided with VEDAand a recent VEDA theme that was…

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Link Love, Vol. 65

Link Love, Vol. 65

VEDA has taken over my free time to the point where I marvel that I have any time in my day left to blog. It’s addictive, it’s fun, it has a fantastic community of people, and you should follow along my VEDA journey as well as the rest of the group if you haven’t already!

(I will stop mentioning VEDA in every other post, I promise.)

This past week has been a busy whirlwind like all the rest of…

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My Favorite Things: A Good Facial

My Favorite Things: A Good Facial

Growing up, facials were something only to be enjoyed whenever I visited Asia. Facials are much, much more affordable in Asia than in the States, so they were something my mother would only let me indulge in when I was on the other side of the world. As much as that made me pout and whine as a kid, she was absolutely right. Facials in the States tend to be monstrously expensive, and even more so…

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The Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer

Just like that, we’re six days into August. Which leads me to ask not only where has most of the summer gone but also, is it really day six of August already?!

I’ve been incredibly busy the last few weeks, but all with good and wonderful things that bring a huge smile to my face.

First and foremost, of course, is VEDA! Or We Blog, We Vlog. Whatever you want to call it, that’s where most of my…

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