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Around the World: Pine Plains, New York

Around the World: Pine Plains, New York by @jstapfinator

Around the World is a travel guide series where readers share what they love about hometowns, favorite vacation spots, home away from homes and everything in between. If you want to learn more, see what places have been covered and/or submit a travel guide of your own, check out the Around the World page.

Today’s post is from Jessica, who hails from upstate New York.


Having grown up in a small…

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8 Things I’ve Learned Since Graduating High School

8 Things I’ve Learned Since Graduating High School by @anotherpinkblog

Today, Kelly is gracing Break the Sky with this humorous post on the things she’s learned since graduating high school. I love reading the lists Kelly writes on her blog, so I’m flattered that she’s chosen to share this one with us.

Earlier last month while graduation ceremonies were being held, I reflected on the things I’ve accomplished in the past 8 years (how has it been that long?!) At the…

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When Travel Stirs the Soul

When Travel Stirs the Soul by @femmefrugality

The lovely Femme Frugality is taking over the blog today with this great guest post about how travel experiences can move us in different ways, even stirring the soul. Take it away, girl!

One of the greatest things about travel can be the way it affects us. Travel can transform our perspectives, our opinions, and sometimes even our souls.

And then sometimes it doesn’t. At least not in the way we…

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Toronto Vlogs

Those of you who follow my Youtube channel know that I’ve been uploading vlogs of my Toronto trip!

My Favorite Things: Broccolini (Plus Two Giveaways!)

My Favorite Things: Broccolini (Plus Two Giveaways!)


I had no idea broccolini was a thing until last winter, when a friend invited me over for dinner and served spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce and roasted broccolini. It almost looks like baby broccoli although it isn’t mini broccoli; broccolini’s florets are smaller and the stalks are thinner and longer. Either way, it’s just as delicious as broccoli, if not more.

I haven’t had broccolini…

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Life Lately

Just like that, we’re in the last few days of June. This month absolutely flew by, most of which I attribute to the fact that I spent so much of it working (including weekends!). This also had the unexpected (but understandable) side effect of my online priorities falling by the wayside, as what free time I did have I chose to spend with friends or catching up with my family on Skype.

I honestly…

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This post is part of my The Alphabet Series project.


“Oh, I bet I know what you’re going to order,” he told me with a twinkle in his eye as we perused the menu at a local Thai restaurant.

My eyes scanned the menu and fell on the very dish I just knew he was referencing. “Lemongrass tom yum soup?” I guessed.

“Yep,” he replied with a grin. “Your two favorite things about Thai food rolled into one.”

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Ipsy: Pretty in Paradise (June 2014)

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service. For $10/month, members get deluxe samples and full-sized products along with a tote bag to keep all the items in.

Ipsy: Pretty in Paradise (June 2014)

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service. For $10/month, members get deluxe samples and full-sized products along with a tote bag to keep all the items in.

I Set My Stove on Fire

I Set My Stove on Fire

stove fire

A few weeks ago, I set my stove on fire while attempting to make dinner.

It wasn’t a big fire. It was an itty bitty fire that I instantly put out thanks to the pre-measured cup of water I had next to the stove. (THANK GOD MY RECIPE CALLED FOR WATER.) But it was a fire nonetheless, and it scared the hell out of me.

Because really, what girl who claims that she’s good in the kitchen sets her stove…

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A Day in the Life: June 2014

A Day in the Life: June 2014

On a designated day each month, I post a linkup where bloggers can showcase what “a day in the life” that month is like with photos, text or a combination of the two. For more information about this project, click here.

a day in the life

I’m going to be honest: this month’s A Day in the Life photos are a mishmash of photos from the past several days, thrown together in some haphazard order. I actually came…

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